Happy Taco Tuesday and Cinco de Mayo!

Taco Tuesday and Cinco de Mayo

Okay, it’s Tuesday, it’s May Day, I literally launched the blog today, and it’s 4 days before Cinco de Mayo… So, I couldn’t help but add a quick (and likely recurring) shout out to all things taco. Tacos come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors! They are super quick, flexible, delicious, and nutritious! You can make vegan, vegetarian, fish, Korean, pork, pork belly, chicken, and regular ground beef tacos… and any other kind of taco you can imagine.

because Kids Love Tacos

Best of all kids love them (okay, disclaimer, the first time I serve my daughters anything they usually act disgusted and complain, but that’s just most kids in my experience… they get past it). We eat them on a mostly weekly basis and it’s a great way to let kids help you in the kitchen, which only helps them enjoy the food more! Plus, what kid (or adult for that matter) doesn’t like a meal you can eat with your hands?

and Adults do too

Want to elevate your taco? Just make it seasonal, grab some spring onions at the farmers market and grill them quickly. Add fresh avocado, lettuce, and cilantro. A little later, in the summer, the tomatoes and fresh peppers are going to be in season and all the taste that comes with them.

Also, use the freshest tortillas you can find and warm them up, or better yet carefully singe them a little over a gas burner stove/the grill, or best if you’re game, make your own!

So, with that extremely brief homage to the taco, let the taco possibilities commence. Here’s a great homemade taco seasoning that you can easily adjust the heat from mild to blistering to suit your tastes! Enjoy them today or on Cinco de Mayo with a cold cerveza or fresh margarita.

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